Optimum Patent Office Consultancy Limited Company was established in 2003 to provide consultancy and attorney services. Our aim is to create sufficient knowledge and awareness to the public and entrepreneurs about intellectual and industrial property rights in Turkey.

OPTIMUM Patent Office Consulting Limited provides consulting and attorney services to individuals and companies in the following areas:

Patent Registration

Utility Model Registration

Trademark Registration

Industrial Design Registration

Geographical Indication Registration

Protection and Monitoring Related to Intellectual Property Rights

Consultancy and Follow-up on Legal Issues

Although the intellectual property law in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman period, it was not applied vigorously until 1995 and there had not been an awareness regarding the protection of such rights did not develop. A modern legal basis for intellectual and industrial property rights was established by following legislations enacted in 1995:

Decree Law No. 551 on the protection of patent rights

Decree Law No. 554 on the protection of industrial designs

Decree Law No. 555 on the protection of geographical indications

Decree Law No. 556 on the protection of trademarks and

Law No. 4128 on penalties to be applied.

The Industrial Property Law No. 6769, which was published in the official gazette on January 10, 2017, terminated the period of Decree Laws has and provided a stronger legal ground.

We, a private company acting as attorneys before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office(TPO) provide consulting services until application of such intellectual property rights before TPO and represent clients before TPO for their already existed rights.