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What Is Industrial Design?

“Design” is the whole, or part of a product, or the whole of the ornament on it, composed of various elements or features perceived by human senses, such as lines, shapes, shapes, colors, textures, materials or flexibility. In order for a design to be called a registrable “INDUSTRIAL DESIGN” it must include three key features in addition to this definition:

1- Novelty: The design should be new, that is, it should have been presented to the public in the last year at most. Designs older than a year lose their novelty feature.

2- Distinctive feature: It is the visual distinction at first glance that allows us to understand that the design is different from other products of the same characteristic. If a product is not different from other products of the same type, or if there is no difference in design (screw, nut, etc.) industrial design can not be protected by registration.

3- Industrial applicability: The industrial design must be applicable to industry, that is, it must be mass-produced and sold. For example, a painter’s artwork cannot be applied to the industry, although it has design characteristics, so it is not subject to industrial design registration.