National Patent Application

It is a registration process obtained in exchange for sharing the details of technical inventions or developments with the public and giving the owner a monopoly right up to 20 years.

In order for an invention or improvement to obtain a patent right, it must have three characteristics:

The question “What is a Patent?” also cover the question of what the utility model is. A patent is a system that protects the inventions on behalf of the inventor for up to 20 years. In addition, the utility model protection is obtained by abandoning the request for research and examination during the patent application.

The invention or improvement must be new.

The fact that the invention is new means that it has not been made available to the public before the application. The applicant’s statements up to one year before the application do not disrupt innovation, but other persons ‘ statements may damage innovation.

It should be industrially applicable.

In the same way, the products that can not be reproduced, especially the artworks, cannot be protected by patent.

It is necessary to have made a progress in the technique.

A result that is easily achievable by a person who is a person skilled in the art in which the invention is made indicates that it is obvious.