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A trademark is any sign, including names, in particular words, shapes letters, numbers, forms or packages of the goods that can be visualized by drawing and expressed similarly, issued and reproduced by printing,  provided that an undertaking makes it possible to distinguish goods or services from the goods or services of another undertaking.

Trademarks include the following:

* Common Trademark

* Warranty Trademark

* Service Trademark

  • Trade Trademark

The rights obtained by the trademark owner through the Trademark Registration

  • With respect to the same or similar goods or services covered by the trademark registration, any unauthorized use is prevented for the use of any similar mark of the registered trademark and any mark that may be confused and will gain unfair advantage due to the reputation of the registered trademark or damage the distinctive character of the registered trademark .

* A registered trademark may be transferred to someone else, inherited, the right to use may be the subject of license, and may be shown as pledge and guarantee.

* Those who use an unregistered trademark cannot benefit from these rights.

Trademark registration gives the owner protection for a period of ten years. The right to protection may be granted for the following ten years by regular renewal six months before the end of the term or by renewal with penalty for six months from the day of completion of the ten years. In addition, the right holders who have not done this process during the renewal period of the trademark may object and cancel the same professional class registration applications to be made by others until the twelfth anniversary.

If the trademark is not used for five-year period after the registration period, third parties are entitled to take over the trademark by court order.

Trademark registration is done nationally. A trademark registered in Turkey is valid within the borders of Turkey. This right cannot be claimed in other countries. In each country where registration is requested, an application must be made to that country’s patent institution.

The most appropriate method used today for international registration of trademarks is the Madrid Protocol. Within the scope of the protocol, up to 60 countries have the possibility of registration with a single application. Madrid Protocol registration procedures are carried out with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) through the Turkish Patent Institute.

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