Patent Protection Turkey

A Patent Office in Turkey can represent local or international clients before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Patent protection in Turkey comes from the end of 19. century. Ottoman Empire has attended the Paris Agreement in 1881 and after establishment of new Turkey Republic patents and trademarks registered during Ottoman time have been approved with the International Agreement.

Turkey is also a signatory in TRIPS(Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement and participated from 2000.

International Applicants may prefer ways during entrance to Turkey. Also, international applicants may have chance to ecaluate on type of the application.

Ways For Patent Application to Turkey

Applicants are able to choose a way in various entry ways during application for patent in Turkey. The entry ways are:

  • National Patent Application
  • PCT National Phase Entry as Patent
  • PCT National Phase ENtry as Utility Model
  • EPC National Validation

Recently, mostly preferred way to enter to Turkey is EPC national validation way. Annually about ten thousand EP registration are validated beforePatent registration in Turkey Turkish Patent and Trademark Office(TPTO).

Types of Applications for Patent Protection

Applicants may choose one of two filing types to enter

  • Patent Application
  • Utility Model Application

Patent registration are subject to protection for 20 years while utility models are for 10 years. Registrability criterias may effect the decision between patent or utility model application. If an application is not a method or chemical formula, and also it does not meet the inventive step criteria, then, it may be registered as utility model.

Our Patent Services

  • Patent search in Turkey,
  • Drafting Specifications before patent application,
  • National patent application,
  • National utility model application,
  • European Patent (EPC) application for national validation,
  • PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) national phase entries,
  • Patent/Utility Model renewals,
  • Patent monitoring,
  • In use/non use declarations for registered patents
  • Proceedings of address, title, assignment procedures
  • Legal consulting
  • Legal interventions such as infringements, cancellation, invalidity cases

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